5G Multi-Generational

Mobile Devices & General Products

Via is no longer offering licenses for its wireless programs. Please contact info@vialicensing.com with more questions.

More information coming soon on Via’s 5G Multi-Generational (5G-MG) wireless patent licensing program, which will offer a combined license to 5G, 4G (LTE/LTE-A/LTE Advanced Pro), 3G (W-CDMA), and 2G standard essential patents held by a significant group of innovators, representing a wide spectrum of industry stalwarts from around the globe. Via’s 5G-MG patent license agreement will provide all the required patent license rights from the participating licensors to practice the current cellular technologies in a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, terminals, wearables, and other general products.

The Via 5G-MG license accelerates the adoption of 5G technology services by optimizing the licensing value and efficiency for innovators, while lowering the IP licensing hurdles and providing freedom to operate for device manufacturers.