4G Multi-Generational

Connected Motor Vehicles & Components

Via is no longer offering licenses for its wireless programs. Please contact info@vialicensing.com with more questions.

Via’s 4G Multi-Generational (4G-MG) Connected Motor Vehicles patent licensing program is designed to meet the automotive industry's needs. It offers a combined license to patents of licensors participating in the program that are essential to multiple telecommunications standards, including 4G (LTE/LTE-A/LTE-Advanced Pro), 3G (W-CDMA), and for eCall/e911 functionality. These technologies form the core wireless connectivity and functionalities required for communication in connected motor vehicles. This effectively enables safety, telematics, emergency notifications, voice and data communications, infotainment, location guidance, and ultimately, fully autonomous driving, among other features.

Via’s 4G-MG Connected Motor Vehicles program license is available to all automobile manufacturers and their associated component suppliers, providing them with freedom to operate with respect to the licensed patents and standards in a transparent and cost-effective manner. As with all of Via's licensing programs, this program supports continued innovation and promotes fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory access to patents essential to these key telecommunications standards used in the automotive industry.