Digital Radio Mandiale


Digital Radio Mondiale

The patent pool license for Digital Radio Mondiale is no longer being offered by Via Licensing. It had been adjusted to reflect updates of the DRM technical specification and to ease the deployment of multi-standard digital radio sets.

The audio portion of the Digital Radio Mondiale technical specification now mandates support for the xHE-AAC (Extended High-Efficiency AAC) audio codec in addition to HE-AAC v2. Please see the information provided here about the AAC patent licensing program administered by Via.

The DRM modem patents originally licensed through the DRM licensing program may be available for license by the patent owners directly.

The Journaline(R) enhanced text application - a mandatory part of EWF, the Emergency Warning Functionality of DRM and DAB - is licensed through Fraunhofer IIS, Germany (contact:

Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) is an over-the-air transmission system developed for the broadcasting bands below 240 MHz. It comprises optimized configurations for the AM bands below 30 MHz, providing large-area and international coverage at FM-like quality, and for the VHF bands including the FM band, for local/regional coverage with stereo up to Surround Sound services.