License Fees for each Licensed Product Sold or Otherwise Supplied:

Connected motor vehicle products that are vehicles or components and/or eCall motor vehicles or eCall vehicle components or any other connected motor vehicles products and components as defined in the MG Connected Motor Vehicles Patent License Agreement (PLA)

Multi Generational Connected Motor Vehicles Royalty Rates

Volume (per unit*/annual reset) Per Licensing per unit* Fee
For units 1 to 2,500,000 $3.00
For units 2,500,001 to 10,000,000 $2.75
For units 10,000,001 and above $2.25

*Licensing Unit as defined in the Patent License Agreement

eCall Only License Royalty Rates for eCall Motor vehicles and eCall Components or other Licensable Products with only eCall Functionality
Per eCall Licensing Unit $0.30

For all MG licensing inquiries, please contact a Via representative at one of our worldwide offices.