Via Adds MPEG-D DRC To Advanced Audio Coding Patent Pool

Essential AAC patents added to portfolio at no additional cost

SAN FRANCISCO, October 2, 2018 – Via Licensing Corporation, a leading world-wide intellectual property solutions provider, today announced the availability of patent license rights for the MPEG-D DRC standard in its Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patent pool.

MPEG-D DRC is a new, innovative audio solution that overcomes problems of variations in volume level and dynamic range when content is played back on different listening devices and in varying listening environments. This audio technology plays an important role in improving the consumer’s listening experience in any playback situation for streaming and broadcast content.

“The addition of MPEG-D DRC increases the value of our AAC patent pool tremendously,” said Joe Siino, President of Via Licensing. “It provides clear consumer benefits, and its presence within the pool will ensure that the newest and best technology remains affordable to product manufacturers.”

MPEG-D DRC is already seeing broad market traction through Android 9 “Pie” mobile OS, which specifies the use of both MPEG-D DRC and xHE-AAC (Extended HE-AAC). MPEG-D DRC, available in the AAC Licensing Program since earlier in the year, is now being publicly announced following the release of Android 9.

“The fact that this invention is reaching consumers in a practical manner so quickly after Via added it to its program is a testament to the benefits of this pool,” said Stefan Geyersberger, Head of Patents and Licensing for of Fraunhofer IIS, one of the leading developers of MPEG-D DRC.

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