4G Multi-Generational


Via is no longer offering licenses for its wireless programs. Please contact info@vialicensing.com with more questions.

Via’s 4G Multi-Generational (4G-MG) wireless patent licensing program addresses the needs of the telecommunications device market. It offers a combined license to patents of participating licensors that are essential to multiple telecommunications standards, including 4G (LTE/LTE-A/LTE Advanced Pro) and 3G (W-CDMA). The license encompasses mobile terminal devices with single or multi-mode connectivity, including smartphones, tablets, and feature phones, as well as wireless data-centric device categories such as routers, personal hot spots, data modules, and media devices.

The device classes included in this license represent the largest group of connected devices in consumer electronics, entertainment, enterprise, and other vertical markets. With annual shipment volumes that exceed billions of units, this rapidly expanding market benefits from Via’s fully transparent, efficient, and cost-effective license offering.