Via Licensing’s Multi-Generational Wireless patent licensing programs offer combined licenses to W-CDMA (3G) and LTE (4G) standard essential patents from several patent owners and wireless connectivity technology developers who pioneered innovations in cross-generational cellular communications. In an increasingly connected world, devices implement multi-modal communication technologies with 3G and 4G communications standards. The MG Patent License Agreements provide rights to all W-CDMA and LTE (including LTE-Advanced or LTE-A, and LTE-Advanced Pro) essential patents of the participating licensors through a cost effective, highly efficient single patent license. The programs offer licenses applicable to multiple vertical device categories and industries, starting with Mobile Devices and General Products (such as smartphones and tablets) as well as Connected Motor Vehicles. Other device categories, such as IoT products, to be added in the future. The licensing framework for these standard essential patents is based on a fair, non-discriminatory, and transparent approach – a hallmarks of Via’s license offerings that many industries trust and expect.

4G-MG Connected Motor Vehicles Program

4G-MG Mobile Devices & General Products Program