Via Announces New Royalty Rate Options for Audio Patent Pool

  New Rates Promote Use of Cutting-Edge Audio Technologies in Emerging Markets


San Francisco, January 31, 2017 – Via Licensing, a leading world-wide intellectual property solutions provider, today announced the introduction of a new flexible royalty model to encourage the licensed  use of technologies from Via’s Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) patent pool by companies operating in emerging markets.

Via’s new rate structure provides a region-based pricing option as an alternative to Via’s standard Worldwide Rate Structure. Under the new Alternative Rate Structure, companies selling products using patented audio technologies in emerging markets will have the option to choose between the existing Worldwide Rate Structure and the Alternative Rate Structure, depending on what best fits their needs.

"Our goal is to reduce friction over IP rights, facilitating the expansion by companies into global markets while ensuring that innovators are appropriately compensated," said Via President Joe Siino. "We believe our new rate options provide flexibility for licensees operating in the unique market circumstances present in China, India, Brazil and other emerging markets."

AAC is an audio coding method that is necessary for consumers to enjoy high-quality audio with high compression efficiency, reducing the amount of data consumed and processing power required. As such, it is an essential technology found in many devices, including tablets, laptops and smart phones.

For more information on the new pricing structure, including the country lists and specific rates, please visit here.

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