NFC Patent Submission

Near Field Communication is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables data exchange between devices within four centimeters of each other. NFC enables contactless connectivity between electronic devices, supports secure payments and transactions and access to digital content.

Via Licensing issued this patent call for the purpose of identifying owners of patents that are essential to the practice of the NFC standards listed below. A patent is essential if it contains at least one independent claim that is necessarily infringed by the practice of the standard. Any entity with a patent that is found to be essential by an independent patent evaluator is invited to join a group of other essential patent holders in a joint patent license offered under reasonable and nondiscriminatory (RAND) terms.

Any entity that believes that it has patents that are essential to one or more of the several standards and technical specifications listed in the NFC Standards Table is invited to contact Via Licensing in order to receive information about how to submit patents for essentiality review by the independent patent evaluator.

For complete submission information, please e-mail, specifying your interest in submitting a patent for consideration of essentiality to the NFC Patent Licensing Program.