NFC - Near Field Communications

Via Licensing Corporation provides patent licenses for Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Near Field Communication provides short-range wireless connectivity; consumer devices equipped with NFC will interface, transfer data, and allow secure payment transactions more quickly and simply than ever before.

Near Field Communication technology, which operates at 13.56 MHz, allows communication between compatible devices that are physically placed within four centimeters of one another. Once an NFC connection is established, it can ease the use of other wireless technologies (such as Bluetooth) and transfers data at up to 424 kbps. The extreme proximity required for this type of wireless connection (due to the limited transmission range of the technology) provides extra security for transactions carried out via NFC-enabled devices. In addition, NFC technology follows ISO and ETSI standards, as well as technical specifications published by ECMA, allowing for future expansion.

Near Field Communication technology is ideal for use with mobile phones, digital cameras, and many other types of portable electronic devices. Users of such devices will be able to make payments, transfer data, and send audio and video streams to a TV set or computer, just by bringing one NFC-enabled device within four centimeters of another. Future enhancements allow for endless possibilities, ensuring that NFC will remain a viable and popular technology for years to come.

Via patent licenses cover NFC compliant consumer electronic devices, including mobile phones, as well as commercial devices such as payment processing terminals, transportation terminals and vending machines. Noncompliant NFC-related technologies, such as smartcards, are not covered by the NFC pool license but may be licensed by individual patent owners through Via Licensing.