Via Licensing - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Via Licensing?

Via Licensing Corporation is a subsidiary of Dolby Laboratories, Inc., and benefits from the expertise, infrastructure, and business relationships that Dolby has developed over more than 40 years of licensing to the consumer electronics and personal computing markets.

What does Via Licensing do?

Via Licensing Corporation develops and administers patent licensing programs or patent pools on behalf of technology companies and for the convenience of licensees. These licensing programs can be for both mandated and de facto or emerging standards. 

How do I obtain a license for a program that is offering licenses?

All of Via Licensing's programs that offer a license feature a menu item at the top of its page labeled "Request a License." Clicking on it will take you to that program's Request A License form. Submitting the form will then allow Via Licensing to send you a sample license agreement for review. Alternatively, please visit our "Contact Us" page to locate a Via Licensing representative in your region. 

How can I get a list of the patents available in a particular program?

You can obtain this information by following the instructions for requesting a sample license. The sample license will include the current list of patents that have been evaluated as Essential Patents and are part of the program. 

What about patents that aren't on the list?

If a licensor who is listed in the patent license owns an Essential Patent, it is included in the license whether the patent is specifically listed or not. This includes patents that a licensor acquires (by any means, including but not limited to acquisitions and issuances of patents from pending applications) after you sign a license while that licensor is still a licensor in the program. 

Why do new programs have few patents listed in the license agreement?

The process for evaluation of patents for inclusion in the program is a rigorous and time-consuming process. Because of the effort and costs involved, licensors do not submit the bulk of their patents for review until licensing has commenced. Over time, as licensors submit patents for evaluation and those are completed, and as pending applications issue as patents in the case of innovative and new essential intellectual property, the list of Essential Patents will grow. 

Does it cost me any more as a licensee if new Essential Patents or new licensors are added?

No. The list of licensors in the program and all of their Essential Patents owned during your license term is the minimum you will get from the program. As licensors add new patents or new licensors with new Essential Patents are added to the program, the newly added patents will be automatically added to your license for the remainder of your term at no additional cost to you. 

Do companies that are licensors get a special deal that the rest of us do not get?

No. The licenses available under the program are offered to the entire market on Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory (RAND) terms. As such, the license fees and other terms are consistent among all licensees. A company who is a licensor must take a license under the program in order to benefit from the program as a licensee.